Monday, October 26, 2009

Madison Varsity Girls vs OV

Cameras are not intended to take photos (especially not action shots) in low lights. When I decided to try it anyway, I got some decent photos on that rainy dark Saturday by playing with the settings and some with motion blur, which in many ways are far cooler than the traditional! Some of them look like proof of the supernatural, some like the futurist painters, some...well I just don't know, but I hope you'll enjoy them all.


I never did get this whole "rivalry" thing, so when I was asked to take a few extra pictures for the Madison Seniors and stay for the Girls game, I was happy to do so.

Below are the individual shots and a few others.

To download a picture for free - click on any of the images on the slideshow, then click on "view all", find the one you like and click on it. Download it into your computer by right clicking on it and clicking on "download"
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